No Small Ideas

Artis Ventures focuses on elegant solutions that are solving the world’s greatest challenges, in turn creating tomorrow's extraordinary companies.
Stuart Peterson
Artis is one of few investors that have the spectrum of experience, and understand the complexities and nuances of companies from inception and into the public markets.
Ryan Howard, Practice Fusion CEO
At Artis Ventures we strive to support and partner with entrepreneurs who are driven to positively impact their world through disruptive technological innovation.
Michael Harden
Artis is remarkable for their commitment to their portfolio companies, their deep understanding of our markets and most significantly, for their unwavering support.
Suresh Vasudevan, Nimble Storage CEO
Let's make a dent in the universe.
Steve Jobs

When it’s time to transform a big idea into a great company, entrepreneurs want a venture partner who understands and believes in the power of big ideas – those bold visions that have the power to disrupt an industry, a market and ideally the world. Moreover, entrepreneurs want a proven venture partner who has the resources and experience and knows what it takes first hand to help a company succeed, to turn those big ideas into an action, and to make those strategies a reality.

“Since a small idea requires the same level of effort as a big idea, why dream small?” Mike Harden

If you’re looking for a venture investor with whom you can build a long term supportive and collaborative relationship, then we are the right venture partner. When we commit to supporting your company, each and every partner in our firm “walks through walls” on behalf of our portfolio founders, committing to contributing his or her network, creativity and resources towards achieving your success.

“We are not looking for another me-too idea in today's "hot" sector, but for passionate founders with truly differentiated and disruptive ideas that can create those one of a kind companies.” Stuart Peterson

Whether you are seeking a venture investment to get your big idea off the ground or looking to propel your proven idea toward greatness, we invite you to learn more about us and the companies we have invested in, and to speak to the founders and teams we have partnered with. Their experience with Artis Ventures has always been our best reference.

Stem Centrx

Developing life-changing therapies for cancer patients.



Tackling the data explosion with a disruptive architecture.


Modern Meadow

What if there were a low impact way to produce edible meat and useable leather without killing any animals?


Practice Fusion

Solving the nation’s healthcare crisis with free, cloud-based tools for physicians



Enabling billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.